Daryl Hannah, Brooke Shields, and Wanda Sykes all love SHESUS!

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TheRose, 15, lives in isolation in the last protected forest of The Americas with her mother Mooma, and 9-year-old sister Bugbee. When their mom vanishes, the girls are forced to venture into a world poisoned by 'The Big Sick.’ Following the secret map encoded in Mooma's beaded necklace, TheRose and Bugbee must navigate the strange mall dwellings that the last vestiges of mankind are forced to live in order to survive -- intent on solving the mystery of their mother’s disappearance. In the process, they discover the real story behind their father’s death, who the legendary enigmatic character Shesus really is, and why they are all being relentlessly pursued by the sinister and all-powerful Govercorp, as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance.

daryl"I am obsessed with this book! ...so imaginative and vivid... SHESUS stayed with me long after the final page" - Daryl Hannah, actress and activistrosanna"... An original masterpiece of dystopian fiction. A compelling story full of heart-stopping plot twists, unforgettable characters, twisted humor and the heady romance of forbidden love!" - Rosanna Arquette, actresskaren"A unique and amazing world you will immediately want to see on a movie screen." - Karen McCullah Lutz, screenwriter Legally Blonde, House Bunny

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